Vortex DotsVortex Dots

Better for Uneven, Imperfect Floors

Vortex Dots come mounted on a flexible pad designed for use on a swing machine or burnisher. The flexible pad, with a cushioned backer, ensures the diamonds stay in constant contact with the concrete, and make the system far superior for uneven and imperfect floors. Unlike planetary grinders, the Vortex Polishing System™ doesn't skip over low spots, or expose aggregate in high areas.

One Step Floor Prep for Dyes and Pigments

The Vortex Polishing System™ is a great way to prep concrete floors for AmeriPolish dyes and Color Juice pigments. 50 grit V-Dot™, X-Dot™, and C-Dot™ Vortex pads provide the aggressive grinding you need to prep most floors in just one step, leaving the floor refined enough to show no scratches after applying two coats of stain sealer.

Grinding with a planetary grinder is a more aggressive process that involves removing more material to create a flat plane. Here you see how a planetary grinder removed too much material, revealing the aggregate. The job ends up with a patchy look. This could have been
avoided if the contractor would have used the Vortex Polishing System™.

Dots Avoid Photo