DiamaKrete Polishable MortarDiamaKrete™ Polishable Mortar

DiamaKrete Polishable Mortar is a fast setting, polymer modified high-strength repair mortar with exceptional bond strength formulated specifically to repair spalls and joints in concrete floors. It's easy to use, readily accepts most stains and dyes, and can be polished in less than 90 minutes using conventional polishing equipment. Must be used with DiamaKrete Acrylic Polymer Admixture.

DiamaKrete Polishable Mortar


  • Concrete gray color
  • Readily accepts stains
  • Polishable to a high shine
  • Self priming formula requires no priming or pre-wetting of concrete
  • Over 2,000 psi bond strength in just 3 hours
  • Fast setting; can be wet polished in under 90 minutes
  • Pourable when mixed per instructions for ease of use
  • Extremely hard and abrasion resistant when cured
  • Over 1900 psi compressive strength in 90 minutes
  • Non shrink formula
  • Low heat generation while curing
  • Resists cracking
  • Can be extended with pea gravel for large repairs
  • Excellent choice for rebuilding spalled joints
  • 3 hour return to service for forklift traffic
  • Simple 4:1 mix ratio
  • DiamaKrete Acrylic Polymer Admixture contains no VOC's
DiamaKrete Acrylic Admixture 1 gallon
DiamaKrete Acrylic Admixture 5 gallon
Mortar 45 lb Bag
Mortar 45 lb Box