How To Polish Concrete With A Burnisher

February 16, 2012 Posted by admin

For little more than the cost off densifying and burnishing, you can polish (not simply burnish), hard-troweled concrete floors in three steps. You can get 60+ points of gloss using the proprietary DiamaShine™ system from Superior Surface Solutions.

Diamashine Concrete Polishing

Diamashine™ Concrete Polishing

Here’s how it works: DiamaShine™ polishes the hardest part of hard-troweled floors – the mechanically densified, and dewatered, surface layer. Hard troweling drives most of the water down below the top 1/8″, creating a mechanically densified and dewatered surface that is highly resistant to wear. Large grinders are more likely to cut through this tough thin surface layer, exposing the less durable, higher water-cement ratio concrete below.

The DiamaShine system uses HD DIPs for hard-troweled concrete floors on a specially designed burnishing machine. The system is designed for both wet polishing and dry burnishing, with dust control – all in one unit.

To learn more about how the DiamaShine™ and HD DIPs, call us at 888 471 5227.

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