Vortex Polisher in actionWhy Vortex?

  • Save with lowest diamond cost
  • Doubles productivity
  • Reduce the number of steps
  • Avoid "do-overs"
  • Eliminate scratches

Save on diamond dot/pad costs.
Our DiamaDots are a second generation solution that optimizes diamond performance at higher speeds. The secret is in the diamond dot matrix formula and design/shape that enhances edge refinement and improves water flow to reduce clogging. Our polishing system delivers the lowest cost per square foot per!

Avoid "do-overs."
Every contractor’s nightmare is getting almost done, just to find that scratches surface during the final polishing passes. Typically it is caused by imperfections in the floor that were not adequately ground down during earlier steps. Vortex solves this problem by having more flexibility to follow the contours of the floor while maintaining consistent pressure between the floor and the
diamond dots.

Increase productivity.
The Vortex polisher lets you cover more area faster. So stop shuffling across the floor at a snail’s pace, pick up your feet, and get moving with the Vortex polishing system!

Reduce the number of steps.
Why take six or seven steps when you can get the job done in five? The Vortex Polishing system uses more aggressive semi-metal diamond dots that enable you to eliminate a step or two and still deliver a high quality polish.

The “No-Scratch” Concrete Floor Polishing System

How Vortex eliminates scratches:
Vortex eliminates scratches. Not “reduce” - ELIMINATE! There are a variety of factors that contribute to the success of the Vortex system. At the center of the solution is the ability of the dot pad to flex to follow the contour of imperfect floors. The mounting pad adds a layer of cushion that adds to the flexibility, and the machine’s hub is also flexible. The result is a very cushioned ride that keeps the diamond dots in constant contact, with consistent pressure on the concrete surface. The metal, semi-metal and resin diamond dots are also a proprietary formulation that provides far superior life.