Vortex Polisher in actionDiamaShine® HD Diamond
Impregnated Pads

More Resin & More Diamonds

  • "Power Beads" concentrate diamonds for faster cutting and longer life
  • Diamonds impregnated deep into the fiber instead of just on the surface polish better
Orange Dip Button 400 Grit Orange – 'the Eraser" used wet cuts like a 100 grit resin but leaves a 400 grit finish. Because it cuts like a 100 grit resin it can used to removes scratches that would require 100 grit resins but follow with 800 grit, saving time and money
Gray Dip Bullet 800 Grit Silver – use wet to quickly and effectively remove "guard" products with minimal effect on dyed floors
Blue Dip Bullet 1500 Grit Blue – long lasting pad is the fastest way to produce a 1500 grit finish and with no resin transfer
Red Dip Bullet 3000 Grit Red – pops a shine like no other 3000 grit!
Black Dip Bullet

Buff-X Black – great for another 5 – 10 pts of gloss and for dust free final burnishing








DiamaShine HD DIPs (Diamond Impregnated Pads)
Color Orange Silver Blue Red Black
Grit  400 800 1500 3000 BUFF
7” DDIP070400 DDIP070800 DDIP071500 DDIP073000 DDIP07BUFF
11” DDIP110400 DDIP110800 DDIP111500 DDIP113000 DDIP15BUFF
13” DDIP130400 DDIP130800 DDIP131500 DDIP133000 DDIP13BUFF
14” DDIP140400 DDIP140800 DDIP141500 DDIP143000 DDIP14BUFF
15” DDIP150400 DDIP150800 DDIP151500 DDIP153000 DDIP15BUFF
17” DDIP170400 DDIP170800 DDIP171500 DDIP173000 DDIP17BUFF
21’ DDIP210400 DDIP210800 DDIP211500 DDIP213000 DDIP21BUFF
27” DDIP270400 DDIP270800 DDIP271500 DDIP273000 DDIP27BUFF